Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A little history from Jonathan on GOW

Originally all our stuff was shot on a venerable old 35mm Mitchell that had seen better days.  Way better. It was fastened on a wall in our living room and dining which became a shared studio, the ground floor of an old attached 3 story. The whole of GOW has that weird flicker which is the result of a mechanical fault in the shutter.  Due to wear and fatigue it wobbled minutely every time it exposed a frame.  A guy named Hans Geerling, "Ace Gearloose", eventually fixed it but the show was aired by then.  But our Sesame St and Readalong shorts and later, WNO, were more acceptable.  At least the guys in the lab calmed down.  

Then things started to unwind.  WNO got pre-empted mere hours before broadcast so that Jimmy Carter could share his content.  We lost a year!  Meanwhile things were shifting at NBC, earthquake, many souls whacked, the new people had their own friends, and they were not ready for anything more edgy than a blunt instrument, Leach/Rankin was going down, as was Leach, but not Rankin.  She became one of Canada"s most influential and professionally respected psychotherapists and lives well.  

John Leach was over.  I would write a book, but, I have things to do.

In the phoenix rebirth as Jonathan Rogers as a result of a little tumultuous acceptance of what gets labeled as GOD, virtually everything I owned was gone, including every fragment of the original negs, cels, bgs, boards, all the international m&e's, all the tracks, all the takes, all the contracts.  Everything.  Jean has whatever original material, just artwork, some of her bg's and prep material. All I possess, and all that I know of to be available anywhere, is a beat up VHS of each.

 Jesus declared (if the reporting is reliable) "if you would live your life you will lose it, but ... you surrender your life to GOD you will find it".  In the light of that rather stunning pronouncement I cannot help but feel very, very curious about current events as they are unfolding. 


Little Did he know a year later everything would be found!  

Hard Hard Work 

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