Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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I am a fan of people that love this cartoon.    

Witch's Night Out now available on DVD!

A couple of years ago when we reviewed Witch's Night Out,  we lamented the fact that it was not available on disc or streaming.  This special is one of our favorites and features the voice talents of Gilda Radner (as the Witch herself) and Catherine O'Hara, among others.

Well, we finally got a Halloween wish and this forgotten classic from the mists of 1978 is now available for purchase on DVD.   (It is also showing up several times on the THIS tv network -  so check your local listings!)

Thank you, fairy godmother! 

Naturally,  we pre-ordered our copy of the DVD as soon as we possibly could.    It is very nice to finally be able to watch  Witch's Night Out in crisp,  good quality DVD video.  Due to the age of the source material, there are a few artifacts that pop up, but the overall video quality is great.  Especially
when compared to the grainy, taped off tv copies that have been floating around the internet for some years.

For comparison purposes, here are a few screenshots from our previous review:

And hear are the same screenshots from the new release:

The DVD release also includes some unrestored, older, public-domain cartoons like an early "Casper the Friendly Ghost" short (WARNING: we thought the "Casper" short was sad, have some tissues on hand for that one) as well as assorted shorts featuring Felix The Cat, Popeye, the New 3 Stooges and Hoppity Hooper.

In addition to picking up the DVD, which was released by Mill Creek Entertainment about a month ago, Witch's Night Out fans should check out the special's official webpage.   You should also pay a visit to the Cross/Rogers blog to thank the folks who helped bring this Halloween classic to DVD.

We'd also recommend sharing Witch's Night Out with anyone you think might enjoy a little Halloween magical mischief and mayhem during this spooky season!

-- RigbyMel & J.A. Morris

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