Friday, August 1, 2014

From one proud son.

Ben Malone!!!!! Jonathan son wrote this. Little does anyone know he was the inspiration for Small.

 At your local Walmart this Sept. or now.
Everyone should buy two copies, one for themselves and one as a gift for the neighbors kids...... I'm just sayin!

This film is not only great fun, it's been classified as "ART" by The Buffalo State College Art Center:
Jonathan Rogers (MY DAD!!) is finally getting some long overdue recognition and respect.
Without a doubt, Gilda Radner would be ecstatic about this.

The Gift Of Winter with Dan Ackroyd's first film credit, will be coming soon!!

Photo: Check out the DVD box. Good Drawing. I wonder who's the artist. hehehe. It's already showing up on AMAZON!  They don't waste no time. lol

The Proudest Son ever!
Ben Malone

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